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MegaPhase To Exhibit At COMCAS 2017

Thursday, November 9th, 2017

Visit MegaPhase at this year’s COMCAS 2017 show, 13-15 November, at the David Intercontinental Hotel, Tel Aviv, Israel. Stop by exhibit 14-15 to learn more about our industry leading RF & Microwave cables and components through 110 GHz.

 Contact MegaPhase to schedule your meeting with CEO, Bill Pote, and discuss how our products can benefit your company needs.


We look forward to seeing you at the show!



Bill Pote-  CEO & Founder –


Rachel Cartalemi – Director of Sales & Marketing-


MegaPhase Customer Solutions-  570-424-8400 ext1




Fiscal Year-End Discount Offer

Thursday, August 10th, 2017



ACT NOW and save on MegaPhase test and measurement cables, RF cables and components through 110 GHz.  We are now offering a 10% discount on all orders placed by September 29th for Government fiscal year-end.

Request your quote today and save by mentioning offer code: FISCAL10.

MegaPhase Customer Solutions or call 570-424-8400 ext1





Torque Wrenchs and Torque Limiting Screwdrivers offered by MegaPhase

Wednesday, July 19th, 2017


MegaPhase offers torque products including our break-over style wrench and torque limiting screwdrivers. The break-over torque wrenches are essential to limiting the amount of torque applied to your cable connectors or DUT during testing or assembly. Once the preset value is reached, the torque wrench “breaks-over” indicating the torque has been reached.

MegaPhase also offers torque-limiting screwdrivers, which “slip-free” once the preset torque value has been reached in order to avoid overtorquing. The screwdriver is torque limiting in the clockwise direction only. Likewise these screwdrivers make it easy to reach connectors in a densely populated rack system.

MegaPhase torque wrenches and screwdrivers are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed the requirements of ISO 6789:2003 with preset torque values of +/- 6%. Connector options include SMA, Type N, 7-16, 3.5mm, 2.92mm, 2.4mm, 1.85mm, 1mm, and many others

Request your quote today!

570-424-8400 ext1


Click the link to learn more:

MegaPhase Partners with Testech in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana

Thursday, April 13th, 2017

MegaPhase Partners with Testech in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana

Stroudsburg, PA – April 13, 2017 – MegaPhase is pleased to announce the addition of Testech to the sales team. For more than 30 years, Testech has supplied electronic test and measurement equipment to industry-leading organizations across Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas.

Testech is trusted by our top customers in the fields of manufacturing, communications, government/aerospace/defense, energy, education, medical technology and many others.

Contact your territory representatives today to learn more about MegaPhase’s industry-leading cable and component products!


Texas – Austin Office, Covering the following zip codes:

76500-76599, 76800-76999, 77800-77899, 78000-78999, 79901-79945

Marshall Gonzales, (512) 350-778


Texas – Dallas Office, Covering the following zip codes:

75001-75013, 75021, 75023-75027, 75029-75035, 75040-75049, 75056-75059, 75068-75076, 75078-75260, 75262-75799

Andre Lalonde, Office: (972) 644-5010 x 127 Mobile: (214) 725-9393


Texas – Fort Worth Office, Covering the following zip codes:

75014-75020, 75022, 75028, 75037-75039, 75050-75054, 75060-75067, 75077, 75261, 76000-76499, 76600-76799, 79200-79799

Randy Norfleet, (817) 675-1452


Texas- Covering zip codes: 79000-79199

Jim VanDerwiele, (405) 202-2203


Texas – Houston Office, Covering the following zip codes:

75800-75999, 77000-77799, 77900-77999

Dan Tarver, (281) 772-3018


Louisiana – Covering zip codes: 70000-70899, 71300-71499

Dan Tarver, (281) 772-3018


Louisiana – Covering zip codes: 71000-71299

Andre Lalonde, Office: (972) 644-5010 x 127 Mobile: (214) 725-9393



 Jim VanDerwiele, (405) 202-2203



Jim VanDerwiele, (405) 202-2203

MegaPhase offers Torque Wrenches and Torque Screwdrivers for Labs and Production

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

Our break-over torque wrenches are sold with preset torque values for SMA, 3.5mm, 2.92mm, 2.4mm, Type N, 7-16, and many others. The preset torque values are +/- 6% and will save your connectors, ports, and adapters during testing or assembly.

MegaPhase torque screwdrivers feature a “crows foot” design for precision tightening of connectors in high density panels, switches, and matrices. When the preset torque value is reached, the screwdriver “slips-free”, indicating torque has been met and eliminating overtorquing. The screwdriver provides torque limits in the clockwise direction only.


Click the link below to learn more:


For more information on connector couple torques reference our technical document:


MegaPhase Customer Solutions

570-424-8400 ext1