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Phase Stable Alternative to Overpriced OEM Test Cables

Thursday, January 5th, 2017




MegaPhase’s test port extension cables offer phase and amplitude stability of +/- 5 degrees at 26.5 GHz. With a maximum frequency of 67 GHz, these rugged, phase stable test cables assure consistent performance for VNA, PNA, and scalar test sets. Fewer calibrations = less downtime, fulfilling the MegaPhase promise of Lowest Cost Per Measurement. Cable assemblies are available with a wide variety of connectors and user-defined lengths.

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MegaPhase Warrior Cable for Ground-Based EW

Wednesday, December 14th, 2016
















Designed to meet the needs of ground-based EW applications, the MegaPhase Warrior Cable® offers long-term repeatable performance in extreme operating conditions. With a max. frequency of 50 GHz and phase stability of ± 4° @ 18 GHz, the Warrior Cable® is internally armored featuring GrooveTube® Technology. This field tested, rugged cable assembly delivers lasting stability under vibration and flexure, and offers shielding effectiveness of -110dB. To learn more of the Warrior Cable benefits, click the link below:


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MegaPhase RF Orange Test Cable

Thursday, November 3rd, 2016




The MegaPhase RF Orange® Test Cable has earned its reputation as the lowest cost per measurement™ in general purpose test and measurement. With its unique GrooveTube Technology, this rugged test cable provides a long service life with repeatable performance. With a max frequency of 67 GHz, and phase stability of +/-5 degrees @ 26.5 GHz, this is the ideal test cable whether you’re in a lab, production, or building an ATE. Fewer calibrations mean less downtime, resulting in the MegaPhase promise of lowest cost per measurement™.

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GrooveTube Technology

Wednesday, October 19th, 2016




GrooveTube Technology is a rugged and flexible copper outer conductor, forming a protective “armor.” The result is a cable that delivers repeatable, reliable performance over time, superior phase and amplitude stability, and low VSWR and insertion loss. Click to learn more:


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MegaPhase Cables Enable Successful Conclusion of Seven-year Deep Space Program

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Stroudsburg, PA – December 1, 2010
MegaPhase cables have contributed to the first and only asteroid dust capture from space. Japanese scientists confirmed their Hayabusa space probe, equipped with MegaPhase’s GrooveTube® cable assemblies. The seven year mission captured particles from the asteroid Itokawa, which have been undergoing a wide variety of tests and analysis after returning to earth this past June.

“This is a world first and it is a remarkable accomplishment that brought home material from a celestial body other than the moon,” Yoshiaki Takagu, Japan’s science and technology minister, told a press conference called to announce the scientists’ findings.