MegaPhase Releases New MegaPhase App for RF/Microwave Engineers in Communications, Test Equipment, and Electronic Warfare

MegaPhase has developed a new tool for engineers designing and building RF/Microwave systems and components. Test engineers can now download the free MegaPhase app to simplify daily calculations and estimates. MegaPhase, the leading manufacturer of high performance RF coaxial cables and connectors for advanced microwave and optical electronic systems, has developed the iOS app for iPhone, which also runs on the Apple iTouch and iPad.

The MegaPhase app (self-titled) was developed specifically for the engineers, customers, representatives, and MegaPhase employees. The thought process behind the development of this app was to acknowledge every demographic in our target audience-this app is user friendly while still being a credible source for RF/Microwave components.  The MegaPhase App is essential in leading the RF Industry in the direction of the tech-savvy individuals that are emerging within the RF sector whether that is: instrumentation, airborne, spacecraft, telecomm or defense industries.

“The MegaPhase app is an essential utility for test engineers when specifying RF coaxial cables and connectors,” reports William Pote III, MegaPhase’s founder and CEO. The MegaPhase app allows engineers wherever they are to quickly design, specify, and obtain quotes. “Engineers are no longer tethered to their desks to get the information they need,” Pote notes. “Now they can do their calculations and work more efficiently in the lab, the field or anywhere their work takes them.”

MegaPhase App Features:

  • Build cable designs
  • Browse cable options
  • Receive assistance when specifying cables
  • Access product descriptions
  • Examine complete product datasheets

MegaPhase App Benefits:

  • Instant RFQ
  • Instant Call to Customer Service
  • Product data sheets available via PDF on your device
  • Easy-to-use Engineering tool (RL/VSWR Converter, dB/watts Converter)

The MegaPhase App is available for free download from the Apple iTunes store.

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