Oranges in Space?

Not Only Oranges in Space But Also Tested and Space-Proven MegaPhase® GrooveTube® Cables

MegaPhase GrooveTube® cables have successfully contributed to the first and only asteroid dust capture from space in the Hayabusa, formerly known as MUSES-C Space Program. The Hayabusa seven-year long space program was equipped with MegaPhase’s GrooveTube® cable assemblies.

MegaPhase GrooveTube® cables underwent rigorous testing including radiation, thermal shock and vibration to assure the 1,100 pound space probe would continue to function through its vast 186,411,358 mile journey – two times the distance between the earth and the sun.

MegaPhase is very pleased to have gained successful space heritage on this state-of-the-art mission with our partners at NEC/Toshiba Space and our local sales engineers, SHOSHIN Company.

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