MegaPhase Broadband Test and RF Orange® Series Attribute to Successful OEM Product Launches for 60 GHz Telecom and Wideband 75-ohm Applications

MegaPhase is gearing for the 60 GHz Telecommunications boom in 2012 by revamping their product line to adhere to the needs of the industry. MegaPhase’s industry leading product line infuses military, government and commercial interests together to facilitate application needs in all areas of Test and Measurement.

MegaPhase’s T&M products include the BT Series Broadband Test Cable for high fidelity 75-ohm signals; featuring excellent stability and flexure through 8 GHz. MegaPhase’s RF Orange® TM Series is the new standard for V-band testing featuring phase and amplitude stability, all with the “lowest cost per measurement” through 70 GHz.

MegaPhase 75-Ω  Broadband Test Cable

  • Precision, instrument-grade performance
  • Rugged, yet flexible and lightweight
  • CATV, broadband, digital and a wide variety of ATE’s
  • DC-8 GHz with Type N, BNC and F connectors available


MegaPhase 70 GHz RF Orange® Cable

  • Lowest cost per measurement
  • The industry’s most popular and cost-effective test cable
  • Ideal for lab, production and on-wafer probing
  • DC-70 GHz with 1.85mm connectors


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